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‘Cartamundi’: Cartamundi Services NV, with headquarters at Visbeekstraat 22 in 2300 TURNHOUT, registered under company registration number 0877.568.403.

Cartamundi places a great deal of importance on protecting your privacy and personal data.

Cartamundi will only use or apply your data in compliance with the Privacy Law of 8 December 1992 and other relevant legal stipulations in force.

We may use your personal data to provide you with informative newsletters about the operations, service, new products or services, appointment of new employees, important news flashes relating to your sector, etc. We may pass on your data to partners of Cartamundi for informative or marketing purposes. Cartamundi has taken all possible legal and technical precautions to avoid any unauthorised access to and use of this data.

You have a legal right to add information to your personal data, to improve it or to remove it, in part or in full. Cartamundi agrees to respond to any request from you within five working days.

During visits to its website, Cartamundi will collect data for statistical purposes provided by Google Analytics. This information includes: IP address, probable location of consultation, time and day of consultation, the pages visited. When you visit the Cartamundi website you agree with this collection of data for statistical purposes as described above.

When you visit the Cartamundi website cookies are also created and these are used exclusively to simplify use of the website for Users. You can configure your browser so that it does do not collect cookies. This does mean, howeve,r that Users are unable to make use of all the functions.

Under the amended ePrivacy directive, Users should be given prior notification of cookie. Users should receive clear and accurate information about the existence of the cookies, and they should give their unambiguous approval for their existence.

Cartamundi also uses the legally defined exception to this as the data collected is used exclusively for technical storage or for providing access to technical data. The above-mentioned requirements, as laid down in the amended ePrivacy Directive, do not apply therefore in this instance.